Ib Karlskov GmbH

​We have our subsidiary company Ib Karlskov GmbH, placed in Germany to offer the best options for effective im- and export solutions.

With around 82 million inhabitants in Germany, the country makes Denmark’s biggest and most important business partner. With our german subsidiary company centrally placed in northern Germany it´s possible to offer shorter delivery time and better service to our customers. 

The company is placed in Rendsburg, and with the local representation of staff we see the subsidiary as a critical success factor, if we want to keep being able to offer the most efficient transporting solution.


UstID: DE269751416

Bookkeeping: Ib Karlskov GmbH

Adress: Neustadt 10, DE 24939 Flensburg.

Phone: 0049 4614 3811

Office and parking: Ib Karlskov GmbH

Adress: Friedrichstädter Str. 9-11, DE 24768 Rendsburg

Phone: 0049 43318 6878 62