Corporate Responsibility​

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is defined as the companies work and effort to integrate corporate, social, and environmental work into the company's business activities.

As a transportation company it is no secret, that fuel and sources of energy are needed to deliver and operate. We have made initiatives to prevent using sources of energy unnecessary, as we intend to be a responsible workplace for our stakeholders.

At Ib Karlskov Transport we aspire to deliver our loads with the highest logistically efficiency possible, as we try to make the best use of all our capacity. 

At the same time, we sustain our service of delivery and reduce our cost of fuels. It is also a matter of driving ecofriendly.​

Our chauffeurs are instructed in driving environmentally sound, which can result in large reductions of fuel on the long term. Chauffeurs are trained and instructed in correct handling and driving, meanwhile fuel levels and driving habits are monitored.

We also offer our customers the possibilities of receiving reports, about CO2, emissions, and consumption of fuels pr. kilometer.

Furthermore, are we equipped with a fleet serving the highest and most stringent European emission standard. All our diesel driven trucks are certified in compliance with the Euro 6 standard, while over 20 of our trucks are using CNG (compressed neutral gas).

Since the first Euro norm – Euro 1 – was established in 1993, the environmental demand has become increasingly more stringent, which has meant a reduction in pollution from carbon dioxide, despite an increased European road traffic​.

At Ib Karlskov Transport A/S we are aware of the imprint we have on the climate. That is why we today are supplied with electricity from our own solar cell panels