The Company

IYour needs and wishes for transportation are in focus at IB Karlskov Transport A/S.​

A close dialogue, effective and strong engagement from all employees forms the basis for cooperation with our customers.​

We solve all kinds of national and international transports and are specialized in delivery on time and temperature regulated transport.​

We have a new and high standard fleet with focus on working environment friendly and with low CO2 emissions.​

All units are equipped with fleet management systems, which provide efficient and optimal planning.​

We focus on innovation and human relationships. The company's success is based on good dialogue between customers and employees. In 2006, we moved to our newly built domicile on a 60,000 m2 secured and fenced area just in the center of Denmark. We have the most optimal facilities for warehousing, distribution and rental.


Our unique location in Denmark at Taulov Transport Center also known as Danmark C, which has the status of Core Rail / Road / Terminal / Logistics Platform, close to the highways E45 and E20, gives great flexibility. We have parking space for our own and chartered vehicles on our areas that are fenced and video-monitored. Here the drivers can park and use the facilities, such as bath, toilets, sleeping rooms etc.


All trucks have the highest environmental standard. This has, besides being an advantage to the environment, also an advantage for the customers. This is due to the fact, that several EU countries today charge road taxes for truck transport. In addition to the number of axles, the Euronorm is graded and the higher the Euronorm, the lower the road tax.


The EU directive on training has come into force in 2009. This means that drivers are guaranteed general upgrading, which should contribute to increased traffic safety, improved traffic behavior and safety for business drivers as well as increased focus on fuel consumption. All our drivers have this 37 hour training, which is upgraded every five years.