The firm’s history

​Ib Karlskov Transport A/S was founded back in 1974 by Ib Karlskov himself. With an earlier career as a truck mechanic, and a few years of experience as a truckdriver, this became the keystone to building the up from nothing.

Together with his wife, Elsebeth Karlskov in the bookkeeping department of the company, they became ready to build up a company through hard work, long hours, and a vision for the future.

​The company was founded and driven from the couple’s home in the Municipality of Børkop, and later moved to Søndermarksgården. When the company grew it became to get crowded, so a natural change of address became a necessity. In 1995 Ib Karlskov Transport moved to Børkop Erhvervspark A/S on Industrivej in Børkop, where a generational change was about to begin.

The company was since the beginning taking orders where they´ve been handling transport with a certain temperature. Here especially the transport of flowers and plants, have been a key feature for the company. 

This makes us leading in the field of temperature-controlled transport, with around over 45 years of experience of flower transportation, and almost 50 years experience of transport with food. Furthermore, the company also have a wide experience of everything from transport with medicine to handling flight goods.

​In 2005 the building of the new habitation on Nordensvej in Taulov was started. With at placement in the heart of the danish infrastructure, it opened for better accessibility and a shorter delivery time to the many destinations around in Europe.


After a generational change was initiated the two sons Jens Karlskov and Søren Karlskov eventually took over the company on 1.5.2005.

At last Jens Karlskov became ultimately responsible for the takeover of the company on the 1.5.2007, where Søren Karlskov is still to find at the board of directors.

Today Ib Karlskov Transport A/S is still operating from the address in Taulov, where the primary job still is to handle temperature-sensitive goods with due diligence and respect for the goods. Therefore, is Ib Karlskov Transport A/S always working to be the most trustworthy and safe choice when it comes to delivery on time.