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To be an effective partner in the future transportation market is our goal.

A close dialogue with our customers, a high business ethic and a strong commitment among all employees is the basis for the cooperation needed to provide value to our customers' products and develop Ib Karlskov Transport A/S.

As a small player in the gigantic international transport market, it is important to constantly be updated with the equipment in IT, and to develop the competence of our employees.

We have long recognized that without the actions we are as vulnerable to competition - and uninteresting to our customers.

With a focus on those things we believe to be able to further develop and adapt our services in a constantly changing transportation world.

Our goal is also to create a great workplace for our employees and we have therefore, in collaboration with work life partner commissioned courses aimed at our drivers' welfare.

Some of the topics, including been "Healthy diets and lifestyles" and "stress". But also we have good cooperation with AMU and TSU, where the emphasis is on the environment with courses in energy-efficient and slippery course, as we have relationships with Upgrade.as, so all groups will be accommodated.

In collaboration with Green Network's prepared an environmental statement. See also Please www.itd.dk tab "Best practice"

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